Recently, I’ve been suffering from severe bouts of anxiety.  It hits me when I least expect it and can happen at any time, night or day.  The last attack occurred last night, and despite the medication I take which normally leaves me very drowsy, I couldn’t sleep at all.  When I felt calmer I put … More Anxiety

A Memory of Mania

Today, I climbed Slemish Mountain.  It was such a beautiful day.  As I ascended I remembered the last time I had visited Slemish – it was in mid-Summer when I was in a hypomanic phase.  Such a difference experience.  Today, mania seemed like a distant memory. When I got home I penned this short poem … More A Memory of Mania

The Beauty of Hope

This morning, I feel so much better.  The frost sits lightly on the ground, the sun is shining and the sky is cloudless and gloriously blue – I love Winter days like this. I noticed for the first time that the rhododendron bush in our garden has flowered once again, tricked into doing so no … More The Beauty of Hope


Today I find myself struggling with the depressive element of my illness.  I felt compelled to express my feelings, however clumsily, in this short poem the writing of which, as always for me, is a cathartic experience: TODAY I wake late, my alarm powerless to rouse me from morbid indolence. For the first few seconds … More Today