Finding the Genes Associated with Bipolar

I’ve uploaded an excellent short film produced by the Wellcome Trust which features ‘Twink’, a former photographer for The Jam, who has lived with the vagaries of  bipolar disorder for more than two decades.  Twink is presently a patron of MDF, The Bipolar Organisation in the UK  (  He is currently assisting Professor Nicholas Craddock from the Cardiff University School of Medicine unravel the underlying genetic factors that cause bipolar.

Prof. Nicholas, also featured in the film, was one of the main investigators in the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium study, in which around 2000 human genomes were studied for genetic factors which lead to certain individuals developing this devastating mood disorder.  Nicholas and his team continue to analyze the DNA of volunteers through the Bipolar Disorder Research Network BDRN (,  the largest study of its kind anywhere in the world.

One thought on “Finding the Genes Associated with Bipolar

  1. I’ve been signed up for the research project for several years now; it’s a couple of blood samples, a home based interview and a fair number of follow-up questionnaires, in exchange for a research summary every so often. It’s definitely interesting stuff.

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