Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry

The Crystal Bard Press has just published a collection of my poetry which was inspired by my diagnosis of bipolar disorder last year and the difficulties which arise as a result of living with this complicated condition. The short book entitled ‘Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry’ contains my poetry together with information about depression, bipolar disorder … More Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry

Bipolar Art!…….Revisited

As part of my journey through art therapy, I’ve been reflecting on my time working as a marine biologist, eventually trying my hand at drawing two of my favourite fish – the Trout and the Angel Fish. As always, I’ve introduced an abstract concept……quite what it means will require further reflection on my part!

Talking Suicide – Another Perspective

Bipolar disorder can cause suicidal ideation that leads to suicide attempts.  The statistics show that one out of three people with bipolar disorder have either attempted suicide at some point, or have been successful in taking their own lives. With an annual average suicide rate of 0.4%, bipolar sufferers are 10 to 20 times more likely to … More Talking Suicide – Another Perspective

Bipolar Art!

Here are a few more pieces of ‘bipolar art’ that I’ve put together as part of my ‘art therapy’.  The meaning, as always, is in the eye, and the mind, of the beholder!

A Snapshot of Emotions

Here are three pieces I put together recently as an extended reflection on what the emotions that accompany the various phases of bipolar disorder (as experience by me) look like. They are 1) the turmoil of post-hypomania, 2) confused reflection and 3) hope for a brighter, and calmer, future.