Reflecting Hypomania

I produced the painting below of an Angelfish a few weeks ago to reflect something of what hypomania feels like.  At first glance, the painting looks very straightforward.  A second glance though reveals that the colouring is not quite as it should be – the vivid yellow on the body of the fish should in fact be a pale gray/silver. The water is also much more ‘fluid’   (if you’ll pardon the pun!) than it would be in ‘real life’; Angelfish live in slow-flowing rivers and lakes.

So, what at first-glance looks like an ordinary painting is, on closer examination, actually quite different to what it should be.  And that’s really what hypomania is all about – things look and feel more vibrant than they are in ‘real life’, perceptions are altered and nothing is quite as it seems.

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