Reflecting Hypomania 2

Yesterday I posted a painting of an Angelfish, the purpose of which was to reflect something of what hypomania feels like.  At first glance, the painting looked very straightforward, but beneath the surface was a deeper, more nuanced meaning.

Today I’m posting the second in the series – this time the ‘object’ is a Macaw.

There is a glaring omission – there is no background detail whatsoever.  More subtly though, the Macaw’s beak is devoid of colour.

So once again, what at first-glance looks like an ordinary painting is, on closer examination, actually quite different to what it should be.  The omission of a background symbolizes the rush and lack of attention to detail that characterizes hypomania.  And that’s really what hypomania is all about – there are so many different ideas sloshing around that concentration is difficult and details are missed.

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