Embracing Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something that our culture doesn’t often encourage us to share.  But those of us who struggle with mental  health issues know all too well what vulnerability is all about; we live it in our daily lives and it is a constant companion.

Some time ago I took the decision to be completely open and honest about my condition, and in so doing, I made public my vulnerability.  It was painful, and I encountered and still continue to encounter misunderstanding, stigma and prejudice from some quarters. But from my own perspective, embracing my own vulnerability has opened up new insights into my condition and has helped me to live life positively; I no longer allow bipolar disorder to control my life.

A friend recently posted an excellent TED talk entitled ‘The Power of Vulnerability‘; I first saw this presentation a few months back, but seeing it once again made me reflect more deeply on the message.  And it made so much sense. For 20 minutes or so Dr. Brene Brown makes a powerful case for us all to embrace our vulnerability and to reap the relational benefits that flow from changing our behaviour and outlook.

In a poignant, funny talk filmed at TEDxHouston, Brown shares insight from her research, and talks candidly about the unexpected personal quest to understand herself that followed on from her work.

You can watch the talk in full below:

2 thoughts on “Embracing Vulnerability

  1. I have recently been diagnosed with Biopolar II. Thank you so much for your musings…they have been wonderfully helpful for me.

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