More ‘Bipolar Art’!

Here are a couple of paintings I’ve just finished; they represent the hightened perceptions that accompany the hypomanic phase of bipolar illness.

A Hypomanic Summer
A Hypomanic Autumn

2 thoughts on “More ‘Bipolar Art’!

  1. I have a question if you don’t mind answering…

    Does the heightened perception of hypomania make you more aware of individuals and their feelings? I feel like mine does and I feel that my perceptions are fairly accurate. Hallucinations are not a part of my disorder. I have been called hypersensitive to others.

  2. Hi Sigrid – I concur with your comment. I too find that this hightened perception applies to most aspects of my life; I can identify with this feeling of hypersensitivity to the emotions of others. In that respect, I feel that some aspects of bipolar disorder are advantageous……….but on the whole the negative effects outweigh the positives, and that is why it’s such a difficult condition to live with. Take care, Scott

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