The Other Side of Bipolar

Whenever you find yourself struggling and wondering why you are burdened with this difficult condition, remember this quote from Preeti Shenoy in ‘Life is what you make it‘:

Creativity is closely associated with bipolar disorder. This condition is unique . Many famous historical figures and artists have had this. Yet they have led a full life and contributed so much to the society and world at large. See, you have a gift. People with bipolar disorder are very very sensitive. Much more than ordinary people. They are able to experience emotions in a very deep and intense way. It gives them a very different perspective of the world. It is not that they lose touch with reality. But the feelings of extreme intensity are manifested in creative things. They pour their emotions into either writing or whatever field they have chosen.” 

2 thoughts on “The Other Side of Bipolar

  1. The dark side bipolar, beyond creativity and the gift. am a doctor and I have a bipolar disorder that has accompanied me since my youth. today is my son John in his 24 years of age and diagnosed with bipolar disorder since age 19.
    He is being held in a neuropsychiatric hospital for an instability of their illness and a severe drinking problem. Yet it is a great guitar rock music. Regular reader of Classical Literature and remarkable creativity in their writings.
    A 56 years old and am a physician specializing in Internal Medicine. I live in Argentina where successive governments are destroying all the rich potential of my country and its people. But ignorance and stigma are large and persistent in what is Mental Health

    1. Thank you so much Juan for your very perceptive comments which I agree with. Stigma ruins lives and leads to so much unfulfilled potential. Our society needs to be much more mature in how it deals with mental illness. That’s why talking about it, like you have done, is so important! Take care, Scott

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