Psychosurgery: Learning the Lessons

For two decades or so, starting in the mid-1930’s, the lobotomy, a controversial neurosurgical procedure, was prescribed for the relief of severe psychiatric conditions, particularly in the United States, but also across Europe. The procedure consisted of cutting the connections to and from the prefrontal cortex.  Initially hailed as a ‘wonder treatment’, long-term studies on patients … More Psychosurgery: Learning the Lessons

Explaining Mania, Hypomania & Mixed States

Those of us who live with Bipolar Disorder are familiar with the dramatic mood swings between poles of mania and depression.  But how do we describe how this feels to our friends, family and work colleagues?  In my experience, explaining depression, and how it manifests itself in a particular set of behaviours, is easier than … More Explaining Mania, Hypomania & Mixed States

Bipolar Disorder: A Poignant & Personal Insight

I recently had the priviledge of meeting Rev. Dr. Cheryl Magrini, an inspirational, gentle and insightful woman who supports those with bipolar disorder in the Chicago Loop area.  Her own harrowing battle with bipolar disorder has given her a unique insight into the condition and makes her an excellent advocate for those living with this … More Bipolar Disorder: A Poignant & Personal Insight