Bipolar Disorder: A Poignant & Personal Insight

I recently had the priviledge of meeting Rev. Dr. Cheryl Magrini, an inspirational, gentle and insightful woman who supports those with bipolar disorder in the Chicago Loop area.  Her own harrowing battle with bipolar disorder has given her a unique insight into the condition and makes her an excellent advocate for those living with this difficult condition.

Bipolar Disorder has a strong genetic component and tends to run in families. Cheryl’s son Dan was diagnosed with the condition in his teens and recently died by suicide. Her family had excellent support from the pastors of the Chicago loop area, and her own bishop, which made, and continues to make, a huge difference in dealing with the pain of such an enormous loss.  Moreover, Cheryl has been supported by her church community in living and dealing with her own illness and uses this experience to reach out and to listen to others.

You can watch a short, but informative interview with Cheryl, her husband and a member of the Depression and Bipolar Support Group Alliance (Chicago Loop) group below:

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