Spirituality and Mental Health

University of Missouri researchers examined the results of three surveys that asked Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Muslims and Protestants about their personalities, levels of spirituality and physical and mental health. The research, which was recently published in the Journal of Religion and Health, found that among people in all five faith groups, a greater degree of … More Spirituality and Mental Health

Life Behind Walls: The Story Of A Psychiatric Unit

A schizophrenic woman loses control and is strapped to a gurney. An actor with bipolar disorder and addiction issues is medicated after threatening to jump out a window. A paranoid woman is insistent that the CIA is following her. A homeless man spends his time eating the pages of his Bible. Sounds unusual?  Not for … More Life Behind Walls: The Story Of A Psychiatric Unit

Embracing Imperfection

From the website of the publisher of my new book: The Crystal Bard Press are delighted to have published Scott Peddie’s new book Embracing Imperfection, a collection of poetry inspired by his experiences of bipolar affective disorder. Scott is a scientist and Christian minister whose wide and deep concerns include contemplative prayer and social justice as … More Embracing Imperfection

NAMI: The Proposed DSM-5: Alterations and Altercations

In the US, one of the biggest ongoing stories in mental health has been the proposed revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). As the main guide used by psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers in the U.S. to diagnose mental illness, the DSM is an important document. Interestingly, the former Mood Disorders chapter is now … More NAMI: The Proposed DSM-5: Alterations and Altercations