Life Behind Walls: The Story Of A Psychiatric Unit

A schizophrenic woman loses control and is strapped to a gurney. An actor with bipolar disorder and addiction issues is medicated after threatening to jump out a window. A paranoid woman is insistent that the CIA is following her. A homeless man spends his time eating the pages of his Bible.

Sounds unusual?  Not for the doctors, nurses and other staff working in the psychiatric unit of New York’s world famous Bellevue hospital.  In an excellent ‘warts and all’ documentary, ‘Bellevue: Inside Out‘ takes a detailed look inside the psychiatric emergency room and in-patient facilities. What emerges is high drama and some very sobering insights into the reality of acute mental health management. Each patient’s situation is portrayed sympathetically yet realistically and for this reason ‘Bellevue: Inside Out‘ gives a unique and well-balanced portrayal of life inside a psychiatric hospital.

You can watch the entire documentary here (courtesy of YouTube):

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