Living Well With Bipolar Disorder

There are many short films about living with bipolar disorder out there.  Naturally, some are better than others.  In this superb Australian film, six people who have manic depressive illness discuss the effect that it has had on their lives and how they manage their condition.

Traditionally, bipolar disorder has been treated primarily with medication. While medication remains the centrepiece of treatment, there is increasing awareness among patients and health professionals that a multifaceted approach consisting of medication, counselling, attention to early warning signs of relapse and sensible and informed lifestyle choices leads to optimal outcomes. With careful attention to all of these things the prognosis for people who have manic depressive illness is good. The divergent group of people appearing in this video address this multifaceted approach and explain how they manage their own conditions and stay well.

Intended for people with bipolar disorder, their families and friends, and for health professionals, this 46 minute film addresses the following issues:

* Medication
* Early warning signs
* Counselling
* Marijuana and alcohol
* Lifestyle management
* Support groups
* The role of family and friends

This film was produced in consultation with Professor Philip Mitchell, director of the Mood Disorders Unit at Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia, and Dr Meg Smith who is president of the NSW Association for Mental Health and who herself has bipolar disorder. Both Dr Smith and Professor Mitchell appear in the film.

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