Defending Mental Health Care From Medical Dominance

Those of us who live with mental illness are very much aware that medical intervention is only one, albeit very important, part of the equation with respect to effective care.  However, the recent trend, at least as far as is reflected in the experience of many, is to concentrate most effort into psychiatry.  Occupational therapy, peer support, psychotherapy and social work are among the other areas of care that are absolutely vital to have in place in order to achieve an optimal outcome.

In her article ‘Defending the social model of mental health care against medical dominance’, social worker Daisy Bogg makes an impassioned plea for the balance to be redressed. She writes :

“We have warned about the creeping dominance of medical approaches for years. But now even high profile medics and psychiatrists are concerned that the influence of social perspectives in mental health is being eroded, to the detriment of people who use our services.

For example, a recent report by the Schizophrenia Commission stated: “We heard far too many cases where the social element has been lost in treatment and support planning. Occupational therapists, social workers, peer support workers and chartered psychiatric nurses have a crucial role in not letting health concerns eclipse the social dimension of mental illness.””

You can read the entire article here:

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