Living with Bipolar Disorder: The Importance of Insight

……………………………implore people everywhere to learn what they can about bipolar and other disorders. If people were more open to reaching out to those who need help, more people will recover. Insight is the key”. So claims Gabrielle Bryant as she reflects on her own battle with bipolar disorder as documented in her article ‘Insight is Key: My Journey with Bipolar Disorder‘ published on PsychCentral.

As the manifestations of bipolar disorder vary from person to person, Insight enables us to understand our illness more fully.  With that understanding we can be more proactive when it comes to treatment or recognizing triggers that can set off periods of depression or mania/hypomania.  Moreover, with insight  we can be effective advocates for a greater societal understanding of mental illness in general, and bipolar disorder in particular.

You can read Gabrielle’s article here.

2 thoughts on “Living with Bipolar Disorder: The Importance of Insight

  1. Funnily enough, this is a similar theme to my own blog entry today. Understanding who we are, with our condition (BPD for me), accepting the trials and tribulations it brings, and learning how to just get on with it. Thanks for posting this from a bipolar perspective. Insight really is key to recovery.

  2. For years I thought if I took my medication, I was “cured” and that medication alone was sufficient as long as I was “stable”. Only recently (thanks in part to a change in pysch doc) have I begun to pay attention to both my underlying cycles as well as the other elements of thought and behavior that are common to this disease. The insights I have gained have been important in me understanding who I am and why I do/think the things I do

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