Living With Bipolar Disorder: Advice For Caregivers

‘While you don’t want to overreact at every minor event, the duty of a caregiver is to protect a person from possibly harming themselves if their behavior is getting out of control’. This article, from, provides some commonsense advice for caregivers as they navigate the choppy waters of bipolar disorder:

Childhood Trauma And Bipolar Disorder

Sara Larsson and colleagues have recently published an article entitled ‘Patterns of childhood adverse events are associated with clinical characteristics of bipolar disorder‘ in the journal BMC Psychiatry 2013, 13:97.  Larson et al concludes that their ‘results suggest that childhood trauma is associated with a more severe course of bipolar illness. Further, childhood abuse (physical and sexual), as … More Childhood Trauma And Bipolar Disorder

Scans Reveal Key Differences In Mental Disorders

‘Scans have revealed a critical difference in the way the brain processes emotions in people with two closely related mental disorders. In a letter published recently in the prestigious journal Molecular Psychiatry, Australian researcher Professor Gin Malhi shows biological differences in the brain between people with bipolar disorder and those with borderline personality disorder’. This … More Scans Reveal Key Differences In Mental Disorders