Tips For Talking About Mental Health

Talking about mental health can be difficult for both the sufferer who fears rejection and the friend or family member who fears getting it wrong.  But talking is essential nonetheless.  It is one of the most important means by which we tackle misinformation, challenge prejudice and dispel stigma in interpersonal relationships, work situations and in life in general.

I talk about mental health as much as I can, in diverse settings and in different formats.  Still, I frequently encounter people who are unwilling, or perhaps just embarrassed, to talk about mental health.   And that’s why this short film below, produced by ‘Rethink Mental Illness’ in the UK, is useful.  In it, 5 young people give us their 5 tips for talking about mental health:

1) Let the person know you’re there for them
2) Let them guide the way
3) Remeber they’re still the same person
4) Don’t be afraid to talk
5) Look after yourself


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