Monitoring & Managing Bipolar: A New App

Mood Watch‘ is a new mobile application, available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, that allows people who suffer from mood disorders to access tools that can help them to manage their condition more successfully.  Kimberly Knox, inventor of the app and bipolar patient, has said this of ‘Mood Watch‘:

 ‘What if there was a quick and precise way to size yourself up, mentally, emotionally and physically, three times a day?  What if you could also have a reminder to take your vitamins and medications?  And what if you could accurately chart all of this information–including how you feel, how you’ve been sleeping, meditating, to review for your own understanding, or with your doctor or therapist?  This might help you start to pull your life together.   Mental Health is for Everyone’. 

Personally, I think that this app has great potential.  Being able to input and record information such as sleep duration, anxiety level, mood, calmness, energy level among others, is very useful when discussing one’s current state of well-being with clinicians and therapists.  I don’t currently use ‘Mood Watch’………..but watch this space!


Further information is available from the ‘Mood Watch’ website at:

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