Bipolar Disorder: What & How You Eat Makes A Difference

According to an article written in Science Codex, researchers at the Mayo Clinic, the Lindner Center of HOPE and the University of Minnesota found that:

Bipolar patients who binge eat are more likely to have other mental health issues such as suicidal thoughts, psychosis, anxiety disorders and substance abuse, the study found. People with bipolar disorder who are obese but do not binge eat are more likely to have serious physical problems such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

I personally have come across many people who live with bipolar disorder and a range of co-occurring conditions, including eating disorders; it’s interesting therefore to see that this anecdotal observation is backed up with a body of research.  That bipolar disorder takes a different path in patients who binge eat is an important finding that has practical implications for treatment. What’s more, it’s clear that the further scientists/clinicians dig, the more complicated bipolar disorder appears to be.

You can read the article here. You can also watch Study co-author Mark Frye, M.D., a psychiatrist and chair of the Department of Psychiatry/Psychology at Mayo Clinic talk about the research here.

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