Bipolar In North Korea: A Frightening Prospect?

Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in the developed world have access to a high standard of mental health care.  Yes, it’s not always perfect, and in some systems our financial situation may preclude access to the full range of available treatments.  But just imagine if you will, living in the Democratic … More Bipolar In North Korea: A Frightening Prospect?

Practising Mindfulness: Keep It Simple!

‘Mindfulness is either on the cusp of something great, or risks becoming the latest self-help fad to perish from oversimplification. It has, without a doubt, improved my functioning with bipolar disorder‘.  So says mindfulness practitioner and teacher George Hoffman in an article published on PsychCentral. Mindfulness comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the form taken. … More Practising Mindfulness: Keep It Simple!