Engaging Your Creative Side As Therapy & Recovery

‘After being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Nicky Mortlock turned to art to help with her recovery – and has completely turned her life around. She talks about the highs, the lows and why she is determined to help others channel their creative side too’.  So writes Lydia Fallon in an excellent article published in the Cambridge News entitled ‘I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, but art helped me turn my life around.’ 

Those of us who live with bipolar disorder, or are carers of those that have the condition, know how important engaging our creative side can be as a therapeutic coping mechanism.  Such creativity can take on many forms – writing poetry, painting, drawing, crafts – and can help to channel difficult emotions into something that is both productive and expressive. For many of us, creativity can be a key element in the recovery process.

You can read more about Nicky and her personal journey here: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Cambridge/I-was-diagnosed-with-bi-polar-disorder-but-art-helped-me-turn-my-life-around-says-Cambridge-woman-Nicky-Mortlock-20140504060200.htm#ixzz30w0Pt2Zt

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