The Search For Genes Linked to Bipolar Disorder Gathers Pace

Image courtesy of dream designs at
Image courtesy of dream designs at

Scientists working at the University of Bonn, the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim and the University of Basel have published research that has uncovered new gene areas linked to bipolar disorder. Reported in the Elements (Behavioral Health) website (, the findings provide an important avenue for further research aimed at understanding this enigmatic condition .

It has been known for some time that genetic history is a risk factor in the development and expression of bipolar disorder, yet there has been very little concrete information published on the specific genes involved.  This information, together with a fuller understanding of other risk factors, which include stress, substance abuse and life circumstances, will help clinicians to understand the condition more fully, and to treat it more effectively.  Much work is required in this respect.

 You can read the Elements article here:

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