Talk Therapy Reduces Suicide Risk

The BBC News website has reported on a suicide prevention study carried out by researchers from John Hopkins University and published in the journal ‘Lancet Psychiatry’. The study, which tracked in excess of five thousand Danish people who had attempted suicide and later received psychosocial counselling, found that suicides decreased by 26% after five years, compared … More Talk Therapy Reduces Suicide Risk

A Poignant Insight Into Bipolar & The Recovery Process

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Raj Persaud, has recently posted a very interesting interview on his Youtube channel. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, self-harming, suicide attempts and living with the hideous trauma of rape, together with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Victoria talks candidly to Dr. Persaud about her own life journey. After an extended period … More A Poignant Insight Into Bipolar & The Recovery Process