Practising Mindfulness: Keep It Simple!

‘Mindfulness is either on the cusp of something great, or risks becoming the latest self-help fad to perish from oversimplification. It has, without a doubt, improved my functioning with bipolar disorder‘.  So says mindfulness practitioner and teacher George Hoffman in an article published on PsychCentral. Mindfulness comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the form taken. … More Practising Mindfulness: Keep It Simple!

Transformed by Pain

The mystic Khalil Gibran’s majestic prose poetry ‘The Prophet’ is perhaps his best known work.  The section dealing with pain is worth reflecting on; his words are a great reminder that pain, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological, offers a unique encounter with the divine. The experience of pain can take us to a … More Transformed by Pain

A Memory of Mania

Today, I climbed Slemish Mountain.  It was such a beautiful day.  As I ascended I remembered the last time I had visited Slemish – it was in mid-Summer when I was in a hypomanic phase.  Such a difference experience.  Today, mania seemed like a distant memory. When I got home I penned this short poem … More A Memory of Mania

A Return to Silence

I have just returned from a short retreat at Bethlehem Abbey in Portglenone, Co. Antrim.  Immersed in a Cistercian tranquillity, the troubles that have assailed my mind for so long evaporate; in such a setting, I can embrace solitude and quiet once more – it has been such a long and arduous journey to reach … More A Return to Silence