Engaging Your Creative Side As Therapy & Recovery

‘After being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Nicky Mortlock turned to art to help with her recovery – and has completely turned her life around. She talks about the highs, the lows and why she is determined to help others channel their creative side too’.  So writes Lydia Fallon in an excellent article published in the … More Engaging Your Creative Side As Therapy & Recovery

Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey

Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey is a collection of abstract art, photography and poems by Scott Peddie, a minister and scientist who, after years of suffering from depression, has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. The poetry, which is often agonising, always tender and thoughtful, reflects Scott’s experience of living with this complex condition … More Looking Inwards: A Bipolar Journey

Embracing Imperfection

From the website of the publisher of my new book: The Crystal Bard Press are delighted to have published Scott Peddie’s new book Embracing Imperfection, a collection of poetry inspired by his experiences of bipolar affective disorder. Scott is a scientist and Christian minister whose wide and deep concerns include contemplative prayer and social justice as … More Embracing Imperfection

Transformed by Pain

The mystic Khalil Gibran’s majestic prose poetry ‘The Prophet’ is perhaps his best known work.  The section dealing with pain is worth reflecting on; his words are a great reminder that pain, whether it be physical, emotional or psychological, offers a unique encounter with the divine. The experience of pain can take us to a … More Transformed by Pain

Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry

The Crystal Bard Press has just published a collection of my poetry which was inspired by my diagnosis of bipolar disorder last year and the difficulties which arise as a result of living with this complicated condition. The short book entitled ‘Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry’ contains my poetry together with information about depression, bipolar disorder … More Embracing Imperfection: An Anthology of Poetry

Afraid to Live…

AFRAID TO LIVE A tepid existence. Dead to life and all its glories. Drowning in dread. Grappling with a contorted psyche, a mangled perception. An egregious trepidation assaults my soul, which disintegrates under the corrosiveness of untrammelled anxiety. Repelled by life, I am an emotional corpse. Too afraid to experience the vibrancy, the spontaneity, the … More Afraid to Live…