Bipolar Disorder: Explaining The Reality

I often have people ask me what it’s like to live with Bipolar Disorder; It’s hard to explain the feelings that accompany a catastrophic low or the euphoria that signals hypomania. In my opinion, the most realistic summary is written by Psychiatry Professor, Kay Redfield-Jamison, in her book ‘An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and … More Bipolar Disorder: Explaining The Reality

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I haven’t updated this blog/website for some time now.  The last couple of years, particularly the last 12 months, have been very hard, with extended periods of time spent in hospital.  In all honesty, I felt like I would never emerge from the horrendous depression that consumed me. However, with excellent treatment. perseverance and help … More Return To Blogging

Severe Mental Illness: Perspectives on Recovery

I’ve recently watched this fascinating documentary called ‘Take These Broken Wings’ based on the experience of two women diagnosed early in life with Schizophrenia.  Why is it fascinating? Well, firstly, those women went on to make a full recovery thanks to intensive and long-term psychotherapy with skilled therapists; they explore this in great detail.  Secondly, … More Severe Mental Illness: Perspectives on Recovery

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: Spreading the Word

The Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK has just produced this excellent short educational animation on bipolar disorder; share it with your friends and family, or anyone else, to help them understand the condition! Have a look at their website too: It contains up-to-date and easily accessible/readable information on bipolar disorder and other conditions.

The Shocking Truth: Severe Mental Illness & Life Expectancy

Allen Francis, Emeritus Professor at Duke University has just published an excellent blog entitled ‘Having a Severe Mental Illness Means Dying Young’ in the Huffington Post. Prof. Francis, who rather refreshingly pulls no punches throughout his article, writes this as his opening paragraph: People diagnosed with serious mental illness — schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or severe … More The Shocking Truth: Severe Mental Illness & Life Expectancy

The Struggle of Mental Health: Watch the Ted Talks Playlist

TED Talks has put together a 7 film playlist entitled ‘The Struggle of Mental Health’ which addresses topics as diverse as depression, schizophrenia and suicidal feelings.  Recognising that all too often, these experiences stay private, the speakers who’ve struggled with mental illness bravely share their stories, in the hope that others don’t feel so isolated. … More The Struggle of Mental Health: Watch the Ted Talks Playlist

A Poignant Insight Into Bipolar & The Recovery Process

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Raj Persaud, has recently posted a very interesting interview on his Youtube channel. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, self-harming, suicide attempts and living with the hideous trauma of rape, together with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Victoria talks candidly to Dr. Persaud about her own life journey. After an extended period … More A Poignant Insight Into Bipolar & The Recovery Process